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Centre Védantique, Genève


I was attracted by the noble life of Buddha from my early childhood. In1967, I lived within a few kilometers of Bodhgaya to serve the famine-stricken population there. Many times during the period, I sat in front of Buddha's statue in the sanctem sanctorum of Buddhists where, 126 years back from today, the celebrated Vivekananda himself meditated. Vivekananda described Buddha as the shining figure of Vedanta, because the unity which Vedanta preaches leads inevitability to Buddha-like compassion. "That wonderful heart the like of which the world has never seen before or after" --with these words Vivekananda paid homage to that great teacher.

Towards the end of 1991, the then Sri Lankan Ambassador to Switzerland wanted to consult our constitution to frame one for the would-be Buddhist Center in Geneva. In recognition of my cooperation, he invited me to the celebration of Sri Lanka's independence day on 4th February 1992.

I am happy that a center exists in Geneva since two decades to disseminate the message of Buddha as interpreted by the school of Theravada.