Venerable Habarakada Indarathana Nayaka TheroPhoto de Venerable Habarakada Indarathana Nayaka Thero

Chief Sangha Nayaka of Southern Srilanka &
Head of the Sri Vijayananda Royal Temple & Monastic School


I am delighted to hear that CBI is celebrating its 20th Anniversary. During my several visits to the Geneva temple, I directly observed the center's different cultural and religious activities and witnessed the success of the center in being fully integrated in the Swiss society. Although Sri Lankan in its origins, the center progressively became an International temple over the course of the years. In addition to the people from traditional Asian societies, the center mainly serves the local Swiss people. Perhaps, this internationality best manifest itself in the meditation sessions to which Geneva residents of diverse backgrounds attend. Having witnessed the success of the center, I can only hope that the center will continue to serve Geneva for many years to come.